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2B Acid Sodium Salt

CAS NO.: 6627-59-4
Chemical Name: 2-Chloro-4Aminotoluemee-5-Sodium Sulfonate
Molecular Formula: CH3C6H2ClNH2(SO3Na)
Structural Formula:

Quality index:

Index name Index
Appearance Light yellow to white powdery crystal
Purity(Total Amines) ≥98.00%
Insoluble in Ammonia ≤0.50%
Moisture ≤0.50%

Physical Properties: 2B acid sodium salt is light yellow to white powdery crystal soluble in water.
Chemical Properties: 2B acid sodium salt has generalcharateristic of amines,and it can be diazotizatad with mitrite indilute acid.
Package: Plastic woven bags with PE line or paper bag with PE liner net weight 25kgs-500kgs/bag.

Main used for Red 483 pigment industry and organic composite industry.


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